5th Nostalgic Air-Picnic



Camping on the airfield

Sunset in Wershofen, Tent under the wing (Photo: Janós Wágner)
Sunset in Wershofen, Tent under the wing (Photo: Janós Wágner)

All those who like it rustic have the opportunity to pitch their tent for free on the airfield area near the aircraft for spending the night there. Sanitary facilities are available and can be used. Unfortunately we cannot offer you electricity.

If necessary, we also offer you the option of spending the night in a team tent. Please let us know if you need anything here.

Please remember: the nights in the Eifel can get cool in early September.

Hotels in the area

For those who prefer to have a solid roof over their heads, the hotels in the vincincity of Wershofen offer overnight accommodation.

Some hotels offer the participants of the Nostalgic Air-Picnic & Classic Cessna Meeting a room allocation with bed and breakfast for a special price and with special cancellation policy (please inquire when booking).


Hotels in Wershofen

  • Prices and availability can be found here
  •  Informations follow

Please note, that is essential to mention the keyword "Flieger-Picknick" at bookings of special conditions!


Further hotels and pensions in our region

Hotel shuttle service

For the way between the hotel and the airfield, we have set up a shuttle service for you, which you can use for a small fee. The hotels in Wershofen can also be easily reached on foot (3-4km).